work with foreign players in poker room of China,The main room is PokerMaster. provide plays the cooperation mode with 0 deposit, we have been deal with many players for a long time.  have a good sharing mechanism.,we believe you will not regret cooperating with us.


We give players a very good share, execute the rule of "quick up limit ", provide free coins and free HUD, support a variety of payment methods, including transfer of skrill usd,bitcoins,russia bank transfer and so on, and we will pay the poundage.


From 50%

Time of payment

Every sunday

Bank roll



We pay for the Hand2Note HUD.


We pay for coins

15 Buy-in rule

Long term cooperation,
quick go up limit


  • Can I apply?
  • Will you help install the PokerMaster?
  • What if I lose?
  • What limit should I start from?
  • May I ask for a higher share?
  • When can I stop cooperating?
  • Do you have any other rooms except PokerMaster?
  • Invite friends?
  • Can I play with my own money?